The story of a photographer

Hey! I’m Casi (pronounced KC).

Becoming a mom changed the way I saw the world, it changed how I saw moments/time, it changed what I saw, and what I saw to be important. It taught me to slow down, and appreciate the little things that were right in front of my eyes. While I have always had an interest in photography, this was the push I needed. I needed to learn how to document the fleeting moments that were upon me, and wanted to share these treasures with others.

So, what I want to say is: trust me. I promise that I have your best interest in mind, and want to create magic for your family, through memories you'll look back on forever. I want to add a personal touch to photography, and make people feel heard, seen, and loved. I went with "Sincerely" because I really do mean it - I love deeply, and pour my heart and soul into every image.

Now for some fun facts about me:

  1. I always wanted to be a grandma, before I ever became a mom - I see myself as the stereotypical grandma, and hope that I get to fulfill that dream one day
  2. I love a good laugh! I cry when I have a good one, and those moments are my favourite!
  3. I think plants are the coolest, and love watching my indoor jungle grow. I find them very therapeutic (although succulents might be the death of me).
  4. People singing and dancing in their cars, is one of my favourite things to witness - it ALWAYS makes me smile, as it's a pure joy moment for them, and seeing someone else insanely happy, make me happy.
  5. You can almost always, find me shooting around the house, and capturing photos of pretty much anything - no people, pets, plants, food, Dinos or other inanimate objects are safe. 
  6. My background is in Early Childhood Education, I’ve always had a passion for working with children. I think they’re the greatest, most competent, and capable humans and love watching their little eyes light up with each new discovery. I mean, being able to help build the brains of others, is pretty darn cool!
  7. I try to live by the “you do you” philosophy ❤️ We’re all on different paths, & need to do what’s best for us. 
  8. Human connection is my jam - so lets grab a coffee and get to know each other in real life too!

Thanks so much for being here!



Love Notes

Candra & Taylor

Our family photos turned out amazing! Casi offered lots of great ideas and used our ideas to capture pictures beyond what we ever imagined. We were very impressed with how efficiently she worked with us while making us feel heard before, during, and after the photo session. We would highly recommend using Sincerely, Casi for any important event in your life!